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  • AI Powered Forecast and Dynamic Schedule Generator

    The forecast is the foundation of a good labor schedule.  The QsrSoft forecast engine leverages your data to create an incredibly accurate forecast for the future, helping to ensure you schedule the right amount of labor at the right times.  Save hours off your scheduling time with our automatic schedule generator.  Our scheduling technology automatically generates the right number of shifts and places the best people on those shifts so that your business can run at peak efficiency.

  • Flexible and Secure HR System

    You can securely enter and store all your HR information and documents in our HR system.  Our flexible and simple integrations allow you to seamlessly integrate with onboarding and other HR solutions.

  • Smart Timeclock

    Our Smart Timeclock app helps ensure all your labor hours are tracked and labor laws are applied.  Schedule validation helps eliminate punch abuse and saves you thousands in unproductive payroll costs.  Labor laws are enforced at the timeclock, helping to eliminate costly violations.

Features & Integrations

Smart Timeclock

Enforce labor law compliance and eliminate time punch fraud with our Smart Time Clock app. Compatible with any iOS or Android tablet.

AI Forecasting

Our AI powered forecasting engine ensures you have the best starting point for your schedule, accurately predicting your labor drivers for the schedule period.

Scheduling Graph View

Easily assess the day/week/month with our scheduling graphs, which suggest best matches for any scheduling gaps.

Scheduling Analysis Report

This report identifies gaps in your schedule, shows where you’re over-scheduled, and analyzes which skills crew members could improve to cover more shifts.

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